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School City of Mishawaka provides only a full-day kindergarten program at each of our seven elementary schools.

Or you may choose:

SCM in partnership with Bethel College is opening an exciting new kindergarten classroom on the Bethel College Campus.  We have limited openings so make sure so register now. For more information or to register for the Bethel College location, contact the SCM Administration Center at 574-254-4500.

Age: A child who is five years of age on or before August 1 may register to attend kindergarten for the coming school year. Children who will turn five years old between August 2 and September 1 may also register for kindergarten under School City of Mishawaka’s general waiver. [The parent/guardian has the option of accepting the waiver to enroll the child who turns five between August 2 and September 1.]

Residence: The parent[s] or other person[s] with legal custody of the child must register the child for the elementary school that serves the address where they reside. If the parent[s] or guardian[s] wishes for the child to attend a different elementary school in School City of Mishawaka, written permission must be obtained from the Superintendent of Schools.

The parent/guardian should go to their elementary school office to begin the kindergarten registration process. School personnel will ask to see the following:

  •  Proof of birth date, a certified birth certificate is preferred.
  •  Proof of residency in the elementary school district where you are enrolling your child.
    (This may include a mortgage, lease or utility bill.)
  •  Immunization records or exemption.

When you come to the school for kindergarten registration, you will receive forms that need to be returned to school before the first day of kindergarten.  The school must have your child’s immunization record or exemption.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school where your child will be enrolling or the Administrative Center at 574.254.4500.

Kindergarten friends

Battell Elementary – 574.254.3900
Beiger Elementary – 574.254.4700
Emmons Elementary – 574.254.4600
Hums Elementary – 574.254.3800
LaSalle Elementary – 574.254.4800
Liberty Elementary – 574.254.3700
Twin Branch Elementary – 574.254.3500