Leaning proper keyboarding techniques at a young age is incredibly important today with everything being done on computers. That’s why I’ve created this page — just for YOU! Kids can reinforce what they learn in the computer lab. For you parents who never learned proper keyboarding techniques, now is the time to take advantage of the many free keyboarding sites on the internet. Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor, fingers slightly curved, don’t look at your hands…..and begin typing!

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 typingclub guy  Battell students will log in as themselves and complete typing

BBC Typing A British animated and fun introduction to touch typing.

Interactive Sites for Education – Typing

Keyboard Game A very simple race against the clock

Learning Games-Keyboarding Scroll down for a number of keyboarding games

PowerTyping Awesome for kids and adults. Try the barracuda game!

Upper El/Adults:

Typing Web Battell 4–6 students can log in as themselves using their first and last names and the password: bobcats1. Track your progress at school and at home. Use the proper fingers and don’t look at your hands!

FreeTyping This is a great free keyboarding site. Take the typing tests or try the typing games.

Business Keyboarding Simple typing what you see.

Nimble Fingers Instruction and interactive typing drills

Power Typing Keyboarding site with goals and review feature You can use their text, create custom text, or get text from a web page