Parent Internet Resources

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MySchoolBucks A place to electronically give money for your child’s lunch.

Clever An easy way for your child to access all the learning applications they use at school. They can access all resources they use at school in one location, using a single username and password.

Open e-books  Free online books for your electronic devices. A program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a great place to find tools and utilities to keep your PC running its best. Check out the SpyWare and Pop-up blockers. An excellent and easy-to-use search engine. Click on Images for a picture search only.

FamilyEducation Family Education Network is created for parents by parents. Millions of parents rely on Family Education Network’s trusted homework help, parent tips and expert advice.

Parents’ Place Family resources for parents and caregivers who want to help their children excel in school. Includes the Home Activity Center, Homework Help, Kids’ Publishing Corner, and the Home Schooling links.

Kids Health for Kids All kinds of information about a kid’s physical and emotional health with interactive articles and activities. The “Word!” glossary defines medical terms and explains how kids can stop stomach pangs, fix fevers, and get rid of rashes.

Education Planet Every month hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and parents visit Education Planet to find educator-approved resources and services.

Trip to College This site will help prepare you with your timeline for your child to plan for college.