Athletic Awards

The following character traits will be required of the varsity athlete:

  1. a burning desires to excel;
  2. willingness to devote long hours to practice;
  3. loyalty to the coach and team mates; and
  4. perseverance to follow instructions.

The Mishawaka High School awards, given to students for athletic endeavors, are under the supervision of the Athletic Council.

The following sports shall receive awards:

The following points shall be considered in making of these awards:

  1. Number of games participated in, or number of points made in meets for the season.
  2. Ability
  3. Consistent effort
  4. Attitude
  5. Eligibility

Awards shall be made to students upon recommendation of the athletic coach for the particular sport and the approval of the high school principal and the Athletic council. A record of all awards shall be in the Principal’s office and in the office of the Athletic Director.

All athletic awards are school property. All Mishawaka High School awards shall be worn only by those to whom they were granted, and upon suitable occasions. Violations of this rule shall result in recall of the award. Holders of athletic awards must respect their awards at all times.

Athletic Awards System

*Gold bars to be worn on chevron of said sport

Captain Award
Star (Maximum of one for each sport)

Jacket or Sweater
Permit to purchase will be secured from the Athletic Director’s office

  1. After award is approved by the MHS Athletic council
  2. Permit may be secured after winning first varsity award
  3. Certificate of rebate will be presented

 Special Awards
Nine varsity letters-Blanket or white sweater (choice of one)

1. Varsity team champion award
2. Will be presented to each team member of a squad that wins a conference title, sectional title, regional title, semi-state, or a state title.
3. Sweater patch will be worn on the right sleeve.
4. If more than two patches are earned, the latest patches may be worn on the sweater.
a. Other patches may be worn on the varsity jacket.