C40 Opt Out

Graduates in 2010 and beyond are required to earn the minimum of a Core 40 diploma. Any student wishing to graduate without completing Core 40 requirements must take the following steps:

A formal opt-out meeting must be held and attended by:
-The student’s parent or guardian
-The student
-The student’s counselor
-An administrator

Discussion must include
-The student’s four year plan.
-The career academic sequence the student will pursue.
-The participants must agree with Core 40 opt-out decision.
-All parties must sign the Core 40 opt-out form.

 It is extremely important that students who opt out of the Core 40 diploma track understand the significance of this action. A Core 40 diploma is required by most post-secondary institutions for admission. Students who opt out of the Core 40 diploma will develop a career-focused four year plan.