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American Masters: PBS -
The Artchive –
Artcyclopedia –
Art History Resources on the Web -
The –
Biography of Claude Monet –
Cappella Sistina –
Durer –
The Impressionists –
J. Paul Getty Museum –
Leonardo Da Vinci –
Michelangelo Buonarroti: 1475-1564 –
National Gallery of Art –
The Louvre –
Museum of Modern Art –
Salvador Dali Museum –
T.C. Steele – Franklin County, Indiana –
Van Gogh and Gauguin -
WebMuseum, Paris –


Popular Periodicals Popular Periodicals (1992 – Current)

Greek Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica Greek –
Gods, Heroes, and Myth
Greek Family Tree
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Mythology Guide
Myth Web
Olympian Gods and Goddesses
World Mythology

 Greek Culture
Early Peoples –
Ancient Greece -
Classical Greece –
History of Ancient Greece –
Odyssey –


“The Holocaust (The Jewish Student Online Research Center)” –
“The Nizkor Project” –
“United States Holocaust Memorial Museum” –
“Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (Israel)” –
“Cybrary of the Holocaust” –
“Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance” –
“The History Place – Holocaust Timeline” –
History Place –

Information about the rise and fall of Hitler along with information about other Nazi leaders.
A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust –
“The Holocaust History Project” –
“Auschwitz Alphabet” –
Holocaust Survivors –
Abe’s Story –

This site tells the story of a man who survived the concentration camps.
Concentration Camps —

This contains numerous photographs, maps, and factual information about Mauthausen and Birkenau. Voice Vision —

Interview of Holocaust survivors
The Rise of the Nazi Party —
Holocaust Timeline: The Nazification of Germany —
Chronology of the Holocaust: 1930-1945 —
Survivors —
The Rise of Hitler —
The Nazi Genocide of the Jews —
Overview of 200 years of Jewish Persecution —
Holocaust Learning Center —

American History

Americas Historical Newspapers (1690 – 1922)
Salem Press History click on remote access login, password: cavemen
includes articles on The Sixties in America & Great Lives from History: The Ancient World

World History

The Middle Ages
Bio Of Charlemagne-
The Life of Charlemagne-
The Crusades-
The Crusades-
The Crusades-
The Plague-
The Plague-


(All previous sites on holocaust listed under English department)

Salem Press Health click on remote access login, password: cavemen


Salem Press Science click on remote access login, password: cavemen
Encyclopedia of Mathemantics and Society


Science Source Collection (1987 – Current)
Salem Press Science click on remote access login, password: cavemen


World Book Encyclopedia –
Gale Science in Context –
Animal Planet –
National Geographic Kids –
National Geographic –
The Periodic Table of Videos –
Chemical Elements –
Periodic Table of Elements –
Fear of Physics –
How Everything Works –
How Stuff Works –

Biomes Websites