Habits die hard, and that’s why your freshman year is so important. If you develop good habits right from the start of high school, they will stay with you the rest of your life. Want to have a successful freshman year? Take this advice:

1. Set time aside after school to do your homework. Make it the same time every night, so that it becomes a daily ritual.

2. Ask questions when you are confused. It is a serious mistake not to seek clarification for things you don’t understand. That’s what your teachers are here for! Raise your hand, see them after class, or visit them during seminar. They will be happy to help you out.

3. Study for tests days in advance. Cramming for a big exam isn’t an effective way for most people to study. The anxiety that goes along with trying to push a ton of information into your brain in a short period of time is counterproductive to learning. Think ahead, create study guides and ask your parents to quiz you over information you think might be on the test.

4. If you get behind, see your counselor. We are here to help you problem-solve all kinds of issues.

5. Go to class! The number one cause of academic problems is poor attendance. Come ever day and you will earn all of your credits.


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