General Information

The most common excuse students and their parents use to not go to college is that they can’t afford to go to college. Truth is, you can’t afford NOT to receive some post-secondary education or training. Apprenticeships, technical schools, two-year colleges, four year colleges are the ticket to higher earnings in the world of work. Check out this link to find out the hottest jobs.

Keep in mind that there are different types of financial aid:

  1.  Need Based-Based on family income. The less money a family makes, the more federal and State aid for which they qualify. Fill out the FAFSA between January 1 and March 10 to find out your family’s expected contribution to your education.
  2.  Merit Based-Based on special talents. Athletics, special talents and academics. If you are a student who excels at an activity, you may be a candidate for this money. The funds are typically awarded by college financial aid offices.

College is not something for which people typically just write a check. Parents and students use part savings/part scholarship/part loans to pay for a degree. College is an investment in you…an it is a great investment to make. See your counselor to talk about how you can afford college.

Check out our scholarships page. WARNING! Filling out scholarship applications is work, but it is well worth it. Every free dollar you are awarded is a dollar you or your parents won’t have to come up with to go to college.