Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a national academic competition that has been around for 28 years that allows students to explore the many different disciplines of science while getting to work collaboratively with their peers. There are events that encompass the skills of many students. They range from book knowledge events to solving a crime scene using forensics, building a robot, breaking a tower, constructing a helicopter, and even using mousetraps to power a car. Science Olympiad teaches team building skills that you can take and apply into your classes and long after. You have the opportunity to fine tune some science skills making those required classes just that much easier. You get to make new friendships that will last throughout your career at MHS and much longer, and there are scholarship opportunities through the university we compete at and through many other colleges.

Every year there are 23 events that the students compete in. They have months of practice to prepare for the competition with their fellow teammates. The events cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering/Technology. The top teams in our regional competition will move on to states, and the top teams at states will proceed to nationals.

We run teams of 15 students. If we have enough participants we can open up multiple teams to allow more students the chance to compete.

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