This is the year that you’ll have the opportunity to build on the successes and correct the mistakes of your first year of high school. Take a look at the advice given to Freshmen. If you fell short of any of the items, think up a plan to help you become a more efficient and effective student.

Sophomores will take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) this year in October. The PSAT will give you a first-glimpse of your academic strengths and will give you time to bolster anything that is currently a weakness. You will take the PSAT again in October of your junior year, and then in the spring of your junior year you’ll take the SAT or ACT. The SAT or ACT are the admission tests all colleges require their applicants to take. The better you do on them, the more colleges that will accept you and the more scholarships for which you will qualify.

How do you get the best SAT/ACT score possible? Take rigorous courses in high school and read prolifically outside of school. Review classes are also available at IUSB, Holy Cross and through Stanley Kaplan Test Prep.

Work hard again this year and your junior year will be a snap!

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