Teachers During Advisory - Our advisory period is a 30 minute block of time for students to get help from their teachers. Any student may visit their teacher to have academic issues clarified.

Homework Room - Every night after school from 3-4 pm students meet in
Mr. Manuszak’s room (236) to receive help on their homework.

Study Table – Students may receive tutoring from staff members in the library on Monday and Wednesdays.

Times: 6:15-7:30 during football season
3:15-4:45 after football season

Teachers – Arrangements can be made with a student’s teacher to meet before or after school for assistance.

Rose Hulman Homework Hotline-Funded by the Lily Endowment, students at Rose Hulman take the calls of primary and secondary students from around Indiana. Give it a shot! It’s a free call! 1-877-ASK-ROSE. Online tutoring also available.